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How to use the radio in pokemon heart gold

"H. Radio" is Hoenn Sound, which plays on Wednesdays (with the National Dex) on Ben's Pokemon Music (top left button). "S. Radio" is Sinnoh Sound, .May 7, 2012 After dispatching her, you can then use the elevator nearby to reach the yet-unexplored observation deck, at the very top of the Radio Tower.

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For Pokemon HeartGold Version on the DS, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "How do I get pokegear Where can I find a Ralts using the pokegear radio.Go to Goldenrod City, and enter the Radio Tower. Talk to one of the receptionists at the front desk, and she'll give you an easy as hell 5-question quiz. Answer all the questions right and you get the Radio Card. If you get one wrong, just do them again, they're the same questions every.

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To get Sinnoh Pokémon, all you need to do is turn the PokéGear Radio onto the Pokémon March station on a Thursday. On Thursdays, the Pokémon March Channel is the "Sinnoh Sound" show. If you have this playing while going through the areas and the wild Pokémon may be a Pokémon whom is originally from Sinnoh.In order to get the radio for your pokegear go to the radio tower in goldenrod city. Go to the lady at the front desk. She will say that you can get., Pokemon Crystal GameBoy Go to the lady at the front.


The PokéGear item makes its return from Gold, Silver Crystal into these games. The PokéGear has not changed function within the transition from the GameBoy Color to the Nintendo DS, but the features within it have all had an enhancement included, mostly through use of the DS's touch screen.How do you use the radio in Kanto on Pokemon heart gold? you have to go to the old ghost tower, east of vermillion city, it is now a radio tower and they will give you a Kanto radio chip for your pokegear.

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The radio also makes a return in Heart Gold & Soul Silver. After obtaining the Expansion Card in Kanto, you can listen to the Pokémon Flute channel.To upgrade your radio in Pokà ©mon Gold, go to the radio tower inLavender Town. There you will be given the radio.

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Pokémon HeartGold Version and SoulSilver Version are enhanced remakes of the 1999 video The player can also use the Pokémon to battle or deceive others, often forming alliances or trends via the Team Rocket To attempt to contact him, they take over the radio tower and broadcast a message calling.For Pokemon HeartGold Version on the DS, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "What day is the I need to get past snorlax and I know I need the kanto radio music but so far none of it works To use the Pokeflute, you must be in Kanto.

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